Why Alexandria

"Capital of tourism", "The Pearl of the Mediterranean" and “The Beacon of Culture" are titles denoting Egypt's second largest city, which is only 225k.m. from Cairo the capital.

Journey into Alexandria

Alexandria is rich in great cultural heritage like the Greco- Roman, Christian and Islamic. The city has been the bridge and the cradle of civilization and cultural. For ages, it has attracted and enlightened many scholars and researchers, scientists and thinkers. And now the revival of the Bibliotheca Alexandrina grants for it keeping that position.

Aside from the historical view of the city,, Alexandria's Mediterranean welcoming atmosphere grants it special privilege. The city has a temperate climate all over the year; the “Korneesh” is lined with beaches, with full tourist facilities, from the city center outwards, like the “four seasons”, “Montazah”, “Ma’moura”, “Agamy”, “Marina” and the north coast resorts and many other fantastic places where you can enjoy the weather, the beach, swimming, fishing, the sunny atmosphere and of course the freshly delicious seafood.

Among diverse of amazing land-marks in Alexandria, you can enjoy visiting museums like The Greco-Roman Museum, National Museum, and Jewelry Museum. Alexandria is also famous with some old, valuable mosques like Mosque of Abu al-Abbas al Mursi and Terbana Mosque.

Whether you are a student or on vacation, alone or with your family, there is no doubt that you would very much enjoy Bibliotheca Alexandrina, with its charming atmosphere and precious valuable books and Manuscripts. And also don’t miss the cultural events and shows at the Planetarium.

Other places like “Pompey’s pillar”, “Kum El-Shu’afa Catacombs” and the Greco-Roman theater” are always a source of attraction to visitors


You will never get lost in Alexandria:

The remarkably feasible and practical layout of Alexandria is one of the most prominent things about the city. However you reach “Korneesh” way, “Abu Eer” St. or the Tram way you can easily reach your destination


All means of transportations are available; “Tram” is the very popular, Buses and Taxies although minibuses are considered to be the most common mean of transportations as they have many lines covering most of the areas


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