The translation department at the center is characterized by the followingS:

 - We provides certified translation for all official and other documents.
 - Translation from Arabic to other languages and vice versa.
 - We offer special discount for companies, schools and Organizations.
 - Immediate translation available.

Type of Official documents :

 Legal documents :

 Main types of legal documents we translate
  •   - Contracts & Agreements
  •   - Licenses & Permits
  •   - Wills and trusts
  •   - Certificates
  •   - Legal letters
  •   - Notices & notes
      - Declarations

 Financial Documents:

 Main types of financial documents we translate:
  •   - Tax forms & returns
  •   - Bank statements
  •   - Insurance applications
  •   - Financial Reports & Summaries


 Business Documents:

 Main business documents translated by our clients:

  •   - Business letters & proposals
  •   - Press releases
  •   - Commercial invoices
  •   - Purchase orders
  •   - Bill of lading
  •   - Business presentations

All types of documents translated on a daily basis: MS Word, Excel, PowerPoint, HTML, XML, INDD, etc.


Arabi Center is a certified translation center through
Egyptian Translator Association " EGYTA" one of the most important translation organizations of the Arabian World.
Our Translators team:

Professional Human Translators working on your documents to delivery the perfect quality you are looking for.

Forget about machine translation! We provide professional translations ready to be used in your business. Our translations are proofread and carefully crafted by experienced translators so you can use them worry-free.

Document Translation Services :

Document translation differs from oral translation, which is also called interpretation. In our company the content of your documents is translated by translators who specialize in subject matters such as legal services, technical fields, business, or medical sciences. Most of these translations require no certification. Some translations to be used in courts, immigration, college, or employment may require a certification by the translator or translation company doing the job.

Documents translated by our company daily:

  • - business documents.
  • - legal documents.
  • - technical documents.
  • - medical documents.


The Translation department 
Provider of All Your Translation Needs


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